Man Builds Wife’s Chickens A Mini “Coop Town” And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

Having the needed skills to construct a DIY project at home is amazing, but having the will and imagination to turn it into a piece of art is remarkable! Anything done with love is always better.

Therefore, the gift one loving husband gave to his wife is simply splendid!

He constructed a full-fledged tiny chicken coop town, complete with hotels, cafes, and even a jailhouse for miscreants!

His wife has a flock of chickens, and always wanted a suitable coop for them. When she received the medieval-era mini coop in early April, Colleen Thermos shared the photos of Facebook!

Her husband simply thought everything through, and the structure looks absolutely amazing!

There is a “ saloon”, with white curtains at the windows, and a lamp hanging outside if the business runs late at night! There is also a detailed price list out front, and prices are paid in egg currency, where 1 hour goes for 1 egg, 1 day goes for 6 eggs, and a week of their esteemed services goes for 12 eggs. Well, no old Western town is complete without its very own saloon!

The watering station is made of a wooden tank with a pipe that runs onto a bowl, and it’s called the Rooster Ridge.

The Livery Stables have a carving of a haystack in front. Next, the blacksmith’s corner is complete with workbenches and shiny metal-working accessories.

The plaza complex includes the bed-and-breakfast, the hotel, the café, and the mercantile. The one-story structure is divided into six apartments, painted in bright green, yellow, and blue.

There is even a menacing jail smack in the middle of town, with a “wanted” sign and a photo of the chicken behind bars outside the jailhouse!

It’s no wonder why the Facebook post went immediately viral and garnered thousands of likes and shares!


If this inspired you to use the free time to construct a “coop town” for your hens, pick a place which is warm during winter, dry during rain, and would be safe for them to lay eggs. Build the well-ventilated coops on dry ground, with good drainage and in a sunny place covered by shade.

You might end up making a similar spectacular place like this one!

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