People Are Growing Magical Bean Pole Garden Tents For Their Kids

Do you still believe in magic? Most of us forgot the power of the supernatural when we stopped being kids, but our children are a perfect opportunity to revive our childhood memories!

During the coronavirus pandemic, many people have become creative and have found numerous ways to productively kill time. So, we have another great idea for you- a bean tent!

They are an ideal place for your kids to play in during the summer, and they look super cool! In these tents, parents can teach their children about growing food, gardening, and harvesting.

Moreover, children will enjoy the shady solace from the sun. With minimal requirements and materials, you can turn the garden into a magical place!

You’ll need some poles, twine or string, soil, pole bean seeds, and/or annual climbing flower seeds. Your children can help you out with the DIY project, and you’ll have fun watching it become their magical green dome.

Many pole bean gardens have been inspired by the book “Roots, Shoots, Buckets& Boots”, and its Moon Garden and the Garden of Giants. Sharon Lovejoy’s book on gardening with kids offers numerous ideas that are both, functional and magical, at the same time.

She gives valuable basic information on gardening that instructs and motivates.

Scroll down to see bean tents made by different people, and you’ll get some inspiration for your own one:

These tents are a perfect way to turn the garden into a magical place 

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