Want to build a log cabin by hand?

Have you ever considered building a log cabin by hand?

How to Build a Log Cabin | A Step-by-Step Guide

What You Need to Know Before Building a Log Cabin

  • Plot your land.
  • Choose a plan/cabin blueprint/kit.
  • Know what wood and type of logs you will use. Logs can shrink with the weather so make sure you ask for professional advice.
  • Will you need help? A professional team?
  • Are you satisfied with your log cabin kit? If not, make changes.
  • Do you have Log Cabin Insurance?
  • Know your budget. This can be costly so plan ahead before constructing.
  • Avoid building in the winter months to reduce log checking, cracking, and splitting. You will also want shelter from the poor weather.
  • After building the cabin, wash the logs and let the house dry for a week.
  • Coat the cabin with a mixture of linseed oil & turpentine to the outside of the logs – repeat every 5 years.

Steps on Building a Log Cabin

Step 1: Set Your Foundation

foundation site new house building details | how to build a log cabin in the woods

The most important thing when building an establishment is the foundation. Make sure the piers and foundation are poured below the frost line. This is to make sure your cabin can withstand an earthquake or natural calamities.

Step 2: Sill the Logs

construction log houses | how to build a log cabin from trees

With the foundation set, it’s time to lay the ground beams which will further support your project. It will connect all the foundations and will further boost the strength of the cabin.

Step 3: Install Joist and Subflooring

wooden support beams template frame house | how to build a primitive log cabin

Install the flooring horizontal from the direction of the joists. It’s a must to use strong materials. You don’t want your flooring to break when dealing with extra weight.

Step 4: Log Joinery

log cabin | how to build a small log cabin

Now, it’s time to raise the walls. Be mindful of the windows and door placement so you don’t have to do extra work undoing previous work. To raise the log easier, face a nail ramp on the sidewall and pull up the log with block and tackle.

Step 5: Framing Your Roof

wooden log house under construction | easiest way to build a log cabin

Roof installation may be tricky. You don’t want any leak so be sure to pay attention to details. Remember, a roof is more than the shingles.

It’s a vital part of the process since it will serve as a system of layers that work together to protect the cabin.

Step 6: Attach Roofing Board or Sheath

building contractor installing underlayment layer bitumen | log cabin kits

Reinforce your roof with a roofing board and sheath so it won’t rust and decay immediately. Be on the lookout for plumbing vents with leak barriers and you don’t’ want that overlooked.

This leads to extra work which you want to avoid.

Step 7: Assemble the Door and Window

little rustic log cabin woods | log cabin construction techniques

For the finishing touches, look for the right door and windows which suit your style. Once you get the right measurements, visit a furniture store and buy the necessary materials such as a knocker, knobs, and grille.

Now, you can relax and visit your own DIY cabin every weekend in style. Isn’t it great to unwind while staring at the window of your own home? It’s now up to you on how you like it furnished and how you want your interior done.

Rest assured, you have one solid log cabin which should stand the test of time.

Watch this video by Becky’s Homestead on how to build a log cabin by hand:

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